• Masar Babel is the exclusive agent for Valvoline company. We have all products available from engine oils, transmission oils, truck oils, and other products

  • Masar Babel is the exclusive agent in Iraq for Dutch Booster Oils. All products are also available. Booster oils are one of the best oils of high quality and tested in the Iraq weather

    Booster Oil
  • Masar Babel is the exclusive agent for Bayerol oil. We have all products available from engine oils, transmission oils, truck oils, and other products

    Bayerol oil
شركة مسار بابل لزيوت المحركات

A major wholesale distributor of engine oils in Iraq

Masar Babel General Trading Company is a major wholesale distributor of all types of motor oils and related products. Masar Babel is an exclusive agent for Valvoline International Company, as well as exclusive agents for a number of European companies with a global reputation in the field of manufacturing motor oils and related products such as transmission oils, gears, hydraulics, coolants and others.

Engine oil

We have engine oils of the best international quality. Fully synthetic oils are suitable for your vehicle with different numbers and types. Maintain your vehicle’s engine and increase its life and efficiency

Heavy duty & trucks oil

Engine oils dedicated to trucks, vehicles and heavy machinery are available at Masar Babel Company. Volvoline and Booster oils for heavy vehicle engines

ATS, Gearbox & Brake Fluids

Normal and automatic transmission oils, as well as brake fluids, are available at Masar Babil Company. Suitable for all types of vehicles


We have products of cleaners, additives, and enhancers that maintain your vehicle and reduce friction. High-efficiency detergents that effectively remove all impurities and dirt.

Grease & Hydraulic oil

Masar Babel Company has a variety of hydraulic oils suitable for use for various mechanisms and machines such as fixed machines, excavators, etc., in addition to greases that maintain the efficiency of the machines.


Cooling fluids are available for all types of engines, fluids intended for hot and harsh climates such as Iraqi weather. High-efficiency radiator water, suitable for different types of cars

Contact with us

You can contact us at any time regarding products or any other inquiries through the Contact Us page. We are also honored by your visit to our headquarters in Babil Governorate, as shown on the map at the footer of the page. Click the button below to go to the Contact Us page

Be one of our partners

Massar Babel Company works with entrepreneurs working in the field of engine oils and related products, owners of service stations, or those want to enter the field and conduct their commercial activities to join our team of agents in all Iraqi governorates and cities. We provide support, advice and promotional support to our partners to contribute to providing the best services to the consumer. We are pleased to receive your request via the page Work with us

Safa Almamou
Safa Almamou
زيوت راقيه حرفيا وتعامل راقي
جوده في المنتج ,,, رقي في التعامل
khaldoon al-zubaidi
khaldoon al-zubaidi
مكان يقدم خدماته في تبديل الزيوت للسيارات والقيام بكافة الخدمات التي يحتاجها أصحاب السيارات مثل خدمة الاطارات وغيرها
muhanned kamal
muhanned kamal
ali A.
ali A.
زيوت ممتازة من شركات رصينة
سيف علي حمزه
سيف علي حمزه
زيوت السيارات راقيه وتخليه للسياره وانته مأمن
Zaed Ali.s
Zaed Ali.s